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Meet the Man, the Myth, the Legend;


Jerry Joyner wasn’t always called J-Man, and he certainly never intended on creating a TV show about weed and whiskey. But what started as a career in advertising selling retail display printing turned to TV hosting through hardship, friendship, and a chance meeting with a musician that changed his life.

A Tale of Friendship and Unexpected Loss

For years, Jerry was called “The ColorMan” by his clients at the largest ad agencies in the country. The “ColorMan” was responsible for selling most of the graphics that you saw in stores and restaurants across the United States during the 1990’s. One of his close friends – and the one who gave Jerry the J-Man nickname, David Laza, was the production manager at the printing company where Jerry worked. They used to ride their Harleys all over North America and formed a brotherhood through their shared love for motorcycles and music.

David’s wife, Carolyn, had been battling leukemia and was hospitalized for some time. During a visit from J-Man, she asked if he could do the same kind of image placement in the hospital to give her something new to enjoy as she walked the hospital hallways. Jerry shared with her “What a great idea however I have no hospital clients or time to create some as I’m already working 100 hours a week”. After Carloyn got her wings in a chance meeting inspired by the universe, J-Man met Sara Beth (his now wife), and they created one of the largest firms that provide art to hospitals all over the world. After the devastating loss of Carolyn, J-Man can’t help but feel eternally indebted to her for inspiring the meeting between him and Sara Beth.

After 43 years of working at the printing company, David retired and joined Healthcare Art Consulting, the company the Joyner’s founded as their facility manager. He was working all the time and processing the loss of his wife with his best friend by his side. After David completed working on a major hospital project, J-man notice that David seemed more tired than normal. Jerry suggested they make plans to take their boats to Branson to relax together and fish. But first, David wanted to see a doctor for a check-up.

When J-Man saw David next, he had a big “shit-eatin’ grin” on his face. J-Man asked, “Man, what are you smiling about?” He responded, “In 6 months, I’ll be gone!” J-Man was confused. “Gone? Where are you going!?” He said, “I’ll be dead! I have Stage 4 liver cancer”. J-Man’s heart dropped. One of his best friends – who already faced a significant loss to cancer – was preparing for the end of his own life.

David elected for Chemo. Cannabis wasn’t available in the state of Texas. They all knew cannabis would have helped, but he couldn’t utilize it in his medical plan to make the end of his life a more comfortable and peaceful one. J-Man, having gotten his signature moniker from David for always having a joint on him, felt helpless as he watched David suffer.

How Music, Weed, and Whiskey Made J-Man a TV Host

“Hey Bubba” lyrics written by Jerry Joyner (J-Man) scored, produced, and performed by Tom Conway

As the end of David’s life approached, he asked that J-Man not attend his funeral. David didn’t want that to be the final memory of him. J-Man wanted to honor his wishes, even though he didn’t agree. J-Man & Sara Beth took their quarterly trip to their Shangri Lai on Maui to rest and find some solace. While in flight, David passed away, making his journey back to his loving wife. J-Man learned of his passing while deboarding the plane when they arrived. They decided not to return for the funeral as David requested and took the time to mourn the loss of their friend. Jerry was smoking a joint and drinking whiskey, feeling his feelings, and started to write the eulogy that would be read at David’s funeral. As Sara Beth read it, she couldn’t help but think that it sounded like a song. She was onto something.

They started searching for someone who could turn the lyrics into a song, but with the short timeline and their options dwindling, they were overwhelmed with frustration. They decided to take a break and head to the Monkey Pod Bar and Restaurant. While there, they heard a live musician playing a set. This musician happened to be Tom Conway – a fill-in guitarist who plays with Willie Nelson.

Tom loved playing for tips when he was not playing a gig. J-Man went up and put a big Texas sized tip in his jar. After the set, Tom thanked him and as they talked, J-Man realized that Tom was the musician he was seeking. When asked if he could turn J-Man’s lyrics into a song for his late friend, David, Tom agreed – and wouldn’t take a dime for it.

“Weed & Whiskey” lyrics written by Jerry Joyner (J-Man) scored, produced, and performed by Tom Conway

Where Weed Meets Whiskey

J-Man loved the recording that Tom produced. Later that year, Jerry wrote another song for his wife’s birthday called “Weed & Whiskey” and asked Tom to score it. They decided to film a music video for the song. A budding friendship was underway. Tom introduced J-Man to a slew of famous musicians which inspired him to attend festivals and concert series all over the country. He started talking to musicians and other entertainment professionals about cannabis and other pressing topics. Naturally, J-Man became more impassioned to have these conversations full-time. His favorite topics; Weed and Whiskey, seemed like a natural fit. Now, with the right people in his circle, he was ready to launch his streaming television network Weed And Whiskey TV and start hosting his weekly show called “Weed And Whiskey News” of course. Why? J-Man believes the manifestation of Weed And Whiskey allowed for “The creation of a platform for dialogue that sick people should have easy access to cannabis and plant based wellness and that not everybody that smokes weed sits on the couch with orange cheetos dust on their fingers”.

A Life-Long Mission to Honor Patients and Destigmatize Cannabis Begins

J-Man now spends his time making waves in the cannabis and whiskey industry with his informative and entertaining content on Weed And Whiskey News. The goal, beyond highlighting incredible people and businesses, is to spread the good word about cannabis and help to reduce the fear around it. J-Man hopes this work will help to make it possible for patients, friends, family, and people all over the United States, to suffer less and source plant medicine without the fear of punishment.

As the host of Weed and Whiskey News, J-Man brings a unique perspective to the world of cannabis and whiskey. His extensive knowledge of both industries provides partakers with an in-depth analysis of industry trends and reviews of the latest products and events.

J-Man’s passion for cannabis and spirits is evident in every episode of Weed and Whiskey News. His dedication to educating viewers on the benefits and risks of both substances gives viewers a trustworthy source for valuable and timely information.

In addition to his work on Weed and Whiskey TV, J-Man is also a respected industry expert and consultant. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the cannabis and whiskey industries, helping them to develop new products and marketing strategies.

A sought-after speaker and panelist at industry events around the world, J-Man is committed to promoting responsible consumption and advocating for the legalization of cannabis and responsible refined consumption of whiskey.

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    Did ya come for the devil’s lettuce and coffin varnish? Look no further than J-Man’s Weed and Whiskey TV.

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