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You’re in the right spot. We’ve gathered answers to some commonly asked questions.
What services does J-Man offer?
J-Man is available for podcast appearances, interviews, earned media promotions, paid endorsements, paid speaking roles, paid sales motivation trainings, and Master of Ceremonies services. Fill out the contact form to inquire about these opportunities and services.
How do I advertise on Weed And Whiskey News?
We welcome brands to advertise on Weed And Whiskey TV. Reach out to speak to our team about advertising on Weed And Whiskey TV.
How do I appear on Weed And Whiskey News?
J-Man loves meeting new people behind great brands. Reach out to speak to our team about appearing on an episode of Weed And Whiskey News.
Where can I meet J-Man in person?
Check out the Happenings page to learn about upcoming events with J-Man appearances.
Is J-Man one of the creators behind Buck‘A Buzz?
You know J-Man loves a good deal and a great buzz. He is one of the creators of Buck’A Buzz 10mg Delta 9 THC gummies. These sweet, fruity, gummies are reminiscent of the blue snow cone from your favorite raspaderos or slushies from the corner store. Catch them at a convenience store near you – or order them online! Just the right amount of chill without the taste of hemp Buck’A Buzz Blue Buzzberry gummies.

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